If Only I had more time!

#heroonamission Apr 24, 2021

If I only I had more time I would do so  many things differently?

At the age of twelve my sister and I enjoyed walking home from school. Each day we would pass a house with large mangos hanging from it.

Mangoes is my favorite fruit of all time. Hint! Hint!

Sitting on the porch was an elderly woman who looked forward to seeing us as she would wave at us.

One day she had a bag of mangoes waiting for us. This was awesome! From that day on we would stop to say hello to her.

I recall her words.

She was filled with regret wishing that she had done so many things different during her lifetime. Now at the age of eighty years old she just sat on the porch waving as we pass filled with regrets.

I have seen many people just saying I wish I did, or what I would do if only I had more time.

That day I decided I will never find myself in that position of regret and wishing I had done so many things.

That to me is no way to live out those last days on earth.

In his book author Donald Miller describes a hero on a mission where we can create a life of meaning by planning our future path allowing us to fulfill our life goals and dreams free of regret.

As a Business Made simple coach let me take you on a journey to becoming a hero on a mission helping you to set out your life plan for the next 20 or 30 years of your life here on earth.

No longer just living life without actually enjoying it so that one day you can say wow I had a great life instead of I wish I had.

Join me for a Hero on a Mission Workshop where we will create your life plan beginning with your obituary and map out the next 20 or 30 years of your life. Experience living the rest of your life with a clear focus making it one of enjoyment.

Don't be that person who says I wish I had done so many things different but instead wow what a great life I had.

Register Now for one of our Hero on a Mission workshops each session is limited to (10) persons.

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