How Healthy is your Business?

Hi there Friends,

Its Andrea again. Two years ago a very good friend of mine passed away with Cancer. He appeared to be so healthy and then suddenly took sick. What happened you maybe asking? Well, this friend lets call him Tom, never got regular annual health checkups.

Year after year no annual physical like most do! When suddenly he took sick, he still was in denial and did not get a checkup. Finally as a result of his illness worsening and not getting better decided to seek medical help. By this time it was to late. The doctors did what they could but in the end it was too late.

Like our bodies need a health checkup our business also need periodic health checkups. When was the last time you got a health check up of your business. Most of us prefer to ignore the symptoms of a failing business. All the signs are there, not enough cash on hand, being one deposit away from going bankrupt.

Lets change this today! Mike Michalowicz in the book Profit First discusses taking a health checkup of your business. In his book he refers to this process as taking an instant assessment.

During this instant assessment with a few numbers you will begin to see how healthy your business is, whether you need to make some changes or if you are just so healthy you don't need to do anything.

When I took the instant assessment on my own business it was truly an eye opener for me. I was able to see my Business instant assessment medical record that showed me I was truly in full cardiac arrest as Mike so graciously pointed out in his book.

As I saw where I was I realized that I truly had to make some changes if my business was going to survive. This was the best thing I could have done for my business.

Now its your turn. Click the link below to conduct your instant assessment to see where you are today! Business Instant Assessment

Are you in Full Cardiac Arrest like I was and need to make some changes?

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